How we make Polo Mallets 


"A polo mallet is simply unique, no two mallets are ever alike." 

Behind the making of a polo mallet, there is so much dedication in details and quality inspection in every peace, weight, and step to create it that we can say it is made by artisans. 


We start with the selection of each cane by travelling to Malaysia and Indonesia. We hand select a set of canes checking for the healthiest, light weighted and flexible one, discarding any that don’t meet our standards. 


The wrongly called mallet cane is actually a wood called Rattan. It’s one of the 190 varieties of palm. The one we use is called Manao which is the most resistant to weather and use and traditionally used to make Polo Mallets. 


Once the selected canes arrive at the factory we start with the manufacturing of the polo mallet by heating the cane, straightening it and looking for the best balance in each one. Each mallet is made with the best materials from USA and Argentina. 


The head of the polo mallet is made of a wood called "Tipa" that comes from the northeast of Argentina. It goes through a drying process of about 5 years, this prosses is one of the best features the heads have. 


Lastly, the polo mallets go through a detail inspection so that the final presentation is exceptional.